No power to one of the broiler lads


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I have a technical question about my Model #79046712603 KENMORE ELITE Slide-In Range, Electric. The broiler does not work. I

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Default No power to one of the broiler lads
Model Number: 79046712603   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I have a technical question about my Model #79046712603 KENMORE ELITE Slide-In Range, Electric. The broiler does not work. I removed it and it ohm checks properly at 14 ohms. I removed the two blue leads and after turning on the broiler, one lead measures 120 Vac and the other 0-vac. However, there is 240vac at the incoming terminals. Q: What do you think is the cause of the malfunction? Thanks

Background: We experienced a "runaway" broiler that cremated the top of a pie we were cooking, but surmised we must have put in on broiler vs bake....We thought it worked okay later, but then when using broil, it did not work, then kicked in for awhile, then failed altogether....now it only has 120vac to the one lead, not the other. There is 240 at the terminals.

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