No bake, igniter and valve have continuity..stumped


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Hello, Bake stopped working on my Kenmore oven. I replaced the igniter without even testing anything since it seemed so

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Angry No bake, igniter and valve have continuity..stumped
Model Number: 79079363405   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Bake stopped working on my Kenmore oven. I replaced the igniter without even testing anything since it seemed so common, that wasn't the problem.

Tested both new and old igniters, both have continuity. Pulled out the safety valve and both the broil (which works) and bake side (not working) have continuity - I was hoping this test would fail so I would know whats wrong.

Now I'm confused. I tested it with things turned on, the broil side of the valve does get current to it's two wires when turned on.

When bake is on, there is no current on the valve. Does this still mean bad valve, or is it a control board or something worse ?

Thanks for any thoughts...

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Just like the broil side you should have around 120 volts going to the ignitor. If the ignitor and gas valve are OK, you need to find out were the break in the voltage is.

I suspect a bad connection or bad relay or burnt trace on the computer control board.

If it is the board you could replace the board or have it repaired.

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