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Hello, the center part of a dual heating element in my JB740S range wasn't working. When I opened the top,

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Default Element burned terminal
Model Number: JB740   Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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Hello, the center part of a dual heating element in my JB740S range wasn't working.

When I opened the top, one of the wires to the element was disconnected, and blackened. When removing the element to clean the terminal I accidentally broke the ceramic(?) ring surrounding the element. (clips were difficult to remove)

After cleaning and reconnecting the terminal and placing the broken ring back The element appears to be working fine.

I have two questions. Should I be concerned about the blackened connector or do you think it just worked off and the blackness is from the spark jumping the gap and is the ring OK if fits snugly together or should I use something like JB Weld to repair it?


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