GE "locked door" flashing, FC error code


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. "

Thought I'd share my experience with this issue. 1. "locked door" flashing on control panel 2. after cycling breaker an

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Default GE "locked door" flashing, FC error code
Model Number: JGB605   Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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Thought I'd share my experience with this issue.

1. "locked door" flashing on control panel
2. after cycling breaker an error code FC appeared on control panel as well. Looking this code up says "check door lock circuit".
3. I found elsewhere on this blog and at GE a contrl panel button sequence that supposedly sometimes clears this issue - repeated tries did not work for me.
4. I used a VOM to make sure I got the correct resistances across the 2 switches on the door lock device and they were ok (one being low resistance and the other infinite resistance) meaning one swich was closed and the other open as was expected.
5. I replaced the door lock mechanism. Didn't fix it (I should not have wasted my money).
6. Ok, so has to be the controller right? Wrong - that didn't fix it either (this surprised me).
7. Ok, so it has to be wiring then, Sure enough, when I measured the resistance between the 2 non-common wires that run to the door lock switches they had 3 ohms resistance between them! (this should have been infinite resistance). I went ahead and fished thru 3 new wires for the door lock switch and viola! - problem gone. BTW, do not use just any wire - make sure you get THHN high temperature wire!

Moral of the story - try the control panel unlock sequence first. Next, carefully check the 3 wires of the door lock circuit for shorts between them and shorts to ground (short to the stove metal body). If the wiring is good and the door lock switches ring out good then it is probably the controller.

Hope this helps someone...


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