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Gdw0717 02-21-2014 04:29 AM

GE Range problem with control board
I have an issue with the Start button on the control panel. When depressed nothing happens so starting the oven or broiler is impossible. Since the start button is integrated into the control board I removed the old one to retrieve the p/n. (WB27T10473). I ordered a new board and installed it. Nothing, no lights, no clock, no nothing.

I assumed it was a defective board so I returned it for another one. Received the second board and same issue. Re-install the original board and everything except the start button works. It boots, and we get the flashing digital clock.

It's not rocket science to install this. All wires are color coded. I've swapped the new/old board in and out a dozen times and nothing.

Is it possible I've received a bad batch of boards? The boards are an exact match. I am baffled. If I can't get this resolved the range is going to the curb.

TIA for any insight...

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