Jenn Air Elec Range, Dual Element Not Working


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I hope you can help me. The left/front surface element of our Jenn-Air electric range (Model No.: JER8885RAF, Serial No.:

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Default Jenn Air Elec Range, Dual Element Not Working
Model Number: JER8885RAF,   Brand: Jenn-Air   Age: 5 - 10 years   

Appliance Parts from AppliancePartPros.com

I hope you can help me.

The left/front surface element of our Jenn-Air electric range
(Model No.: JER8885RAF, Serial No.: 1239660LF) does not turn on but the
"element on" LED lights up when the switch/knob is turned in either
direction. This element is controlled by the left most switch and the
burner is a "Dual Ultra High/Low" surface element. I ordered a replacement
surface element (7406P403-60) and switch (74010824) from
AppliancePartsPros.com and received what looked like the incorrect parts.

My surface element has a sensor in the element and a black wire with a
wire harness connector. The element infinity switch is black (not white)
with two (2) rectangular cable connectors plugged into the switch. The top
plug has 6 wires (orange, tan black, black, blue, yellow) and the bottom
plug has two wires (red/red) connected to the first position and two wires
(black/black) connect to the last position. Looking from the back, my
orientation is left to right.

After I removed the glass top surface from the range and before I noticed
that I had the wrong parts, I made some resistance readings on the original
element. The internal element windings seem to connect to three (3) pins
on the outside of the surface next to the input electrical connector. If I
call the 3 pins A B and C, where A and B have connected wires and C is
connected to the input electrical connector. The sequence is A, B, C, and
then the input connector.

The resistance readings I obtained were:
A to B: 68 Ohms
B to C: 37 Ohms
A to C: 32 Ohms
where A B and C represent the left, middle, and right terminals of the
surface element.

Also, looking at the nine (9) pin harness connector from the range top, one
of the pins on the pins seems to be dis-colored. This pin is in the upper
right position and is bare where all the other pins are in a plastic sleeve.
The pin doesn't smell burnt and I was able to get connectivity between the
connector and the surface element. I was not able to check the other end.

I did not take any resistance readings at the infinity switch.

Do you think my problem is the switch, element, or something else?

Hopefully, you can help me trouble-shoot this problem.

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