GE Profile Downdraft - Fried lifter motor and Control Panel


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. "

I have a 2 year old 30 inch retractable downdraft on my kitchen island. Kids kicked a ball and knocked

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Default GE Profile Downdraft - Fried lifter motor and Control Panel
Model Number: JVB37H1BB   Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have a 2 year old 30 inch retractable downdraft on my kitchen island. Kids kicked a ball and knocked over a glass of water (6oz) that flowed into the (closed position) back of the unit. Shortly after vibrating sound was heard, and the unit spontaneously started to open, then closed, then smelled like seriously burnt motor. Removing the access panel and unplugging, I pulled the cover off to the controls and noted the lifter motor to have a section melted around the coil and the electronic control panel to have a burn mark. These parts look simple to replace and are easily accessable, but I am concerned about doing so in fear of a repeat break($400+ in parts). The area of the spill is on the opposite (inaccessable side) of the unit, so I assume the spill caused a short in the raise lower switch another $75 part. If I am into likely over $500 in replacement parts, and a service technician (for troubleshooting the source side of the problem), should I be just replacing the unit. Suggestions?

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Look around and see what a replacement unit will cost you.

It sounds like you are getting close to the cost of a new unit.
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