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p.andrew 03-19-2013 09:47 AM

Electrolux dual fuel range oven will not heat
I have an electrolux icon 30" dual fuel range. the oven will not heat at any setting. lights work in oven and if i turn on any setting a fan will continue to run. Also, if any setting is on, I hear this intermittent tick from the back of the oven every minute or so and when i open the door...or it sound like the back of the oven. Im sure my power source is good and im getting 220 to the back of the oven. I tried replacing the temp control part 5304452798 but that was not it. i tried the board power relay part 316455704 but that did nothing. I tested the probe oven temp and tried replacing it but that did not work. Im out of ideas. Any help will be greatly appreciated. the Burners, which are gas work fine.The indicator lights light the proper oven setting when i turn the knob and the oven will not engage unless the temperature setting knob is turned on also. everything seems fine but no heat from any element. thanks for your insight in advance.

Simon / APP Team 03-19-2013 12:46 PM


There is a safety thermostat (resettable) located at the rear of the oven

Part number: AP4368560

Part number: AP4368560

Push the red button in the center to reset it.
See if that helps.

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Body parts for Electrolux E30DF74GPS1 -

Post the results.


p.andrew 03-19-2013 02:54 PM

it seams that both the circuit breakers are working properly as there 120 going in and out. what are the odds that i got a faulty control board?

Simon / APP Team 03-19-2013 04:29 PM


Did you try to put a jumper on the circuit breaker? Turn the power off before doing that.
Have you checked for 240VAC across the bake element contacts with oven set to BAKE?
Take off one wire from the element, check which side doesn't have voltage (120VAC) and trace it up.
You already replaced the relay board, the temp. control. Check the selector switch Part number: AP3912099

Part number: AP3912099
There is a possibility that the parts you replaced are bad.


p.andrew 03-20-2013 04:20 PM

I jumped the circuit breakers and still no heat and the clicking persists. I checked to make sure each wire from the element had 120vac separataley and they do, but when touched together there is no 240vac. Also while the oven was on bake I noticed that there was power to the convection bake element too. It is the convection fan that continually runs also. So I will try this part to see if that works. Please let me know if you have any other thoughts.

p.andrew 03-27-2013 10:34 AM

I received the selector switch and installed it and still nothing. I am still hearing the intermittent click from the back of the oven. Any other thoughts?

Simon / APP Team 03-27-2013 01:04 PM


It's hard for me to say for sure, but it seems that there is nothing at the back of the range. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Check the connections at the terminal block.


p.andrew 03-27-2013 03:12 PM

Connections seem to be good. At the back of the range there is a control board.

Simon / APP Team 03-27-2013 06:05 PM

Pull the oven out and with power on check at the control board for 240VAC between P1(L1) and P11(L2).
If no proper voltage - trace the wires.
If there is correct voltage turn the oven to BAKE and check P1 to P10 for 240VAC.
No correct voltage - get another board from APP ( you'll be able to return it back).


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