6-wire burner control replaced by 5 wire control


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Ineed to replace the right, front control (the variable control) for a burner inmy GE electric cook top, model JP660W0V1WW.

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Default 6-wire burner control replaced by 5 wire control
Model Number: JP660W0V1WW   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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Ineed to replace the right, front control (the variable control) for a burner inmy GE electric cook top, model JP660W0V1WW. My cook top has large andsmall burners. I am told by GE that the large burner has the samereplacement controller as the small burners.

Thelarger burner control (which I need to replace) has six terminals and the smallones have five (into which to plug-in wires). The larger burner’scontroller is also about twice as big (in volume of the control box), ascompared to the control for the small burners. This size difference mightbe due to the fact that the larger burner control needs to control a largerburner, I don’t know. The sixth terminal on the large burner controlmight be due to the fact that this larger burner has a variable size switch(which can make it a “small” burner by turning a separate switch).

Could GE be correct that the five terminal control(which is currently on my small burners) is the correct replacement for mylarge burner which currently has a six-terminal control on it? If so,what would I do with the sixth wire, when replacing the six terminal control,with a five terminal control?

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