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kcho6 02-03-2013 09:56 AM

Whirlpool Oven F3 E2 Error Code
About two months ago my Whirlpool range shut off, ran way too hot, and displayed an error code of F3 E2. I researched the problem and saw that the most likely and easiest fix was to replace the oven temperature sensor. After replacing the sensor all seemed to go well without issue…..Until today. Today I charred my quiche in about 15 minutes after setting the temperature to 3500 F. I again received the above mentioned error code and the oven shut off. After a few expletives and discarding the quiche I turned to my computer to research the problem further. I am a little doubtful that two sensors would become faulty in such a short period of time. I performed a resistance test on the old sensor and received a reading of 1090 ohms at 700 F, which is about 10 ohms above the proper resistance reading for that temperature. Is that a far enough deviation from the norm that it could be a faulty sensor? The temperature in the oven at the point of shutting off was close to 4750 F. I also ran of the oven at 350 0F again shortly afterward and the oven seemed to run fine without issue. Do I have to replace the control panel? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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