Frigidaire professional oven/range PF error code - does not reset, nothing works


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. "

Frigidaire FPES3085KFA Oven/range does not work anymore. The ceramic plates do not work and the oven does not work. The

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Default Frigidaire professional oven/range PF error code - does not reset, nothing works
Model Number: FPES3085KFA   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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Frigidaire FPES3085KFA

Oven/range does not work anymore. The ceramic plates do not work and the oven does not work. The clock does not work.

The whole display is blank when power is on. Breaker has been reset. Unplugged electric outlet and turned back on, no change, shows PF on all 4 displays and then shuts off.

When we turn on one of the ceramic plates, the oven turns back on, the clock starts blinking, the plate number starts to work again. However there is NO heat in oven and on plates. When you set the clock and turn the plate off, the whole device turns off again. Turn the knob and it turns on again, resets the clock, but no heat.

About 2 weeks ago the light inside the oven went bad. We did not replace or did anything to fix it. A week ago we did a "self-cleaning" of the device.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to fix /buy parts myself because we are on a budget.
Thank you very much.

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