GE XL44 Oven lights, but flame is small. Wont reach Temp


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. "

I have a GE XL44 Gas Oven, model# Jgbc17ger4wg. Range top works fine. Oven will not get to temperature. I

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Default GE XL44 Oven lights, but flame is small. Wont reach Temp
Model Number: JGBC17GER4WG   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I have a GE XL44 Gas Oven, model# Jgbc17ger4wg.
Range top works fine. Oven will not get to temperature. I have confirmed that the ignitor is fine. It drew 3.2 amps and dropped to 2.8 amps and kept glowing. I even changed it out to be sure.

The flame lit on the burner, but what i noticed is the blue flames were only 1/4" long and did not spread on the deflector shield.

What could be the problem.....valve, regulator or T-stat? How do I test these components to be sure?

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Try to adjust the orifice on the top of the gas valve #214 on the diagram (Turn it CCW 1/2 turn) and also adjust the air/gas mixture #217 on the diagram

Burner Assembly parts for GE JGBC17GER4 - AppliancePartsPros.com

If that doesn't help and you already replaced the igniter then most likely it's bad safety gas valve.

Post the results.

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