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gee1000 11-28-2012 02:27 PM

Jenn Air JJW8530CAB - Door won't close, hinge receptacle replacement instructions?

I have this old Jenn Air single 240V electric oven in a house I bought a year ago with the common problem with the oven door not closing all the way. Replaced the hinges, no help. After a bit of research and landing on this website, I realized that I may need the hinge receptacles which are supposedly these:

Whirlpool 74008015 Hinge Receptacle Assembly -

but there are no helpful steps in the service manual I found online besides taking the actual hinges out to perform this replacement. It looks like a real nightmare based on what I'm looking looks like I almost have to gut the whole inside of the oven apart just to access the receptacles. The door liner is straight, so I can only see that the last problem that is preventing the door from closing is these receptacles.

Does anyone have experience with this oven or can give me some direction on performing this? Wife wants it fixed so I am leaning toward just having someone do it or even pricing out a new oven.


gee1000 11-28-2012 02:44 PM

After a little more poking around, I found this:

Whirlpool 12002111 Door Hinge Kit -

which also includes the instructions on how to replace! Looks really easy; all I have to do is pull the oven out a bit. Sweet! Wish this was associated with the relevant ovens. It wasn't even an option for my oven.

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