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wgfwli 11-23-2012 06:16 PM

Control panel lights getting dim
27 inch GE wall oven - digital panel control lights getting very dim. Can this be repaired other than replacing the $358 panel?

denman 11-24-2012 01:43 AM

It may be possible.
See the below thread about this problem on Thermador ovens.

I did look up your display and it does look like a fluorescent display but I am not 100% sure of this.
Changing the capacitors will not fix the problem if it is a LED display.

Basically what is happening is that the electrolytic capacitors are leaking/aging and can no longer hold/develop enough voltage to drive the display.
This is the most common cause but it could be something else so it is a bit of a gamble.

I cannot tell you which capacitor is the problem as schematics for the board are not available.

You will have to remove the timer so make sure to mark/document which wire goes where.

Then the timer must be opened. One side clips into the plastic case and the other side also clips in but is connected by bare wires to the display so it opens like a book.

You will need soldering experience to remove and replace the capacitors.
Also you must note the polarity of the capacitors so the replacements are installed the same.

Another possibility is to Google "appliance timer control repair" and send the board to a repair company.

wgfwli 11-30-2012 05:34 PM

Thanks for the reply. The display is flourescent. My wife did a self clean on the oven and the lights got even dimmer. Now I need to determine how to get access to the module. And if it requires pulling the oven out from the wall mount.

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