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vjskwarek 09-26-2009 01:46 PM

Home Experienced Partial Phasing - GE Spectra Profile Oven Not Working
About four months ago my seven year old home experienced partial phasing on the electric company's side of the meter. The biggest damage in my home was to my GE Spectra oven/range. All four burners work, the oven light works, however, the control panel is blank and therefore the oven doesn't work. Not a problem during the summer time but its getting cooler and so now I need to address this problem.

About a month ago, we called an appliance tech regarding this problem and they said it would be something like $200 for the part and probably another $100+ for labor and recommended just buying a new stand-alone range. I notice on your site that the computer brain for this oven is about $100. All my other burners are working and the electrician who made the other repairs in my home after the partial phasing said everything looked fine otherwise on the oven. The electrician said its usually the oven control panel which goes bad with partial phasing. It looks like it could be a good investment to spend the $100 and renew the oven control unit and get full use of the range back.

I have two questions: (1) What else on the GE Profile range could be broke to cause this problem? (2) After removing the plug on the range, I backed the unit away from the wall, and removed the back panel to see the oven control unit. I noticed a warning on the transformer on the back of the oven control unit. Do I need to be worried about shock even if I unplug the 240V power?

Thanks, Vincent

(τΏς) 04-28-2010 09:52 PM

wiribg outage now oven not working on Spectra
I have a simular problem. Someone use wire twists on my 22o line to my oven and also added other recepitacles on one leg and well the twists gave way and had power outages on that line. now that its all repaired correctly my GE Spectra JBP68HD1CC oven doen not work as with the clock . the top burners and oven lite work fine but no clock control or oven.. I checked the voltage up to the oven terminals and all work fine. Oven worked fine till power loss from bac connections.. So is it the board or can I replace the Caps on the control board and hope for a little life..Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

I can not find the wiring diagram and hoping to repair this puppy myself as i am pretty good at electronics and trouble shootin. But dont want to tear into the stove until i have a game plan the kids have to eat ya know..

vjskwarek 04-30-2010 03:31 AM

Replacement of Oven Control Unit
I ended up replacing the Oven Control Unit late last year and the oven worked! I was so excited. One recommendation would be that in addition to the OCU that you also purchase the plastic cover plate to match your unit. Mine did not separate cleanly and so it tore a bit. I bought another cover plate to match the color of my range to make the repair. Cover plate was about $15 from this website if I remember correctly.

I am an engineer and looked around for wiring diagrams and could find none. So I decided to just pull the range back off and not disconnect anything until I felt confident in what I was doing. The OCU has the majority of the wires going to it and there wasn't much else electrical associated with the range. So I labeled the wires and made a small diagram before disconnecting anything. The main safety thing which I did in addition to unplugging the range was carefully avoid touching the transformer. It all went pretty well and my wife was very happy at being able to use the oven again.

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