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Hi, Called the AppliancePartsPros help line and the woman there wasn't able to give me help and suggested that I

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Default Help Needed ASAP - Door Seal & Cleaning Glass Interior
Model Number: JGB918   Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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Called the AppliancePartsPros help line and the woman there wasn't able to give me help and suggested that I post here.

GE Profile Slide In Gas Range - JGB918 - Replacement Part WB0410016 Gasket

I had a terrible spill of Spanish Rice while attempting to place a soupy pan of rice into the oven. It ran inside the double pane door glass and the gasket became damaged while trying to clean the mess up. I ordered the replacement gasket but am uncertain of the steps to take to replace it properly. There is no information to be found in the repair book. We live in an area where it is very difficult to get decent appliance repair help and have found it necessary to resort to "do it yourself" for nearly everything.

We have the door off and have taken it apart - it's a terrible mess in there but I'll just do my best to clean it up. My main concern is replacing the gasket properly. This is a self cleaning oven BTW in case that information is needed.

If someone can help I will be most appreciative.

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