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mral777 11-16-2012 12:29 PM

Maytag wall oven will not maintain temp
I have a Maytag in-wall double oven (electric) model MEW6627DDB.
I can set the temp in Bake to 400, oven will heat up nicely, but will lose heat and not recover. Display will still show 400.
I can hit Bake twice and it will reheat back to temp, but display will now show the actual temp ~ 370 or whatever the temp is at and change accordingly as it reheats.
I replaced the control clock, but this did not fix the issue :confused: :confused:

any help would be great, not sure where to look now

mral777 11-22-2012 12:26 PM

replaced the temp sensors in both ovens now, still seems to have issue maintaining heat.
not sure at what point the burners are supposed to turn on to keep oven at temp - or if there is a way to adjust
any help would be much appreciated

etdutton1030 10-16-2013 09:02 AM

Model cwe7800ace
Bottom oven works fine, but set upper oven to 350, heats up to 350 but will not maintain. Slowly decreases as low as 280 and bake element will not come on . Does the oven temperature sensor or the thermostat need replacing or is it the clock/computer board?

denman 10-18-2013 03:09 AM


You would be better off starting your own thread using Post New Topic.

Your model is different and so adding to this post will just confuse things.

Have you checked the bake element?
Does it take longer than normal to reach the set point/ oven ready?

Could be just the element is blown.
During preheat and bake most units switch back and forth between the bake and broil elements. This provides a better temperature profile in the oven.

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