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The oven control / timer has failed on my personal gas range. The replacement board number is 316557107. I would

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Default Control Question
Model Number: 79078612400   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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The oven control / timer has failed on my personal gas range. The replacement board number is 316557107. I would like to replace it with board number 316557211; if possible, since the timer function on this one actually controls the oven. Of course no one in town has these on the shelf to compare. The pictures I can find show the spacing on pin connector blocks slightly different. The only other main difference I can see is the oven light is switched from the board rather than a toggle switch I have now but, I could deal with that. This is a situation where ideally you could have the boards in hand to see if they could be interchanged. Is anyone familiar with these and if what I want to do is possible?
I would appreciate the help.

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