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Jim Gaspar 10-14-2012 12:50 PM

Frigidaire Double Wall Oven Upper No Broil Lower No Oven
Hi Repair Pros

I have a double wall oven set, and the upper will not broil and the lower will not bake.

I took off the top, and checked things out. I am pretty sure I need new relay boards for each, but before I buy them I wanted to verify.

The elements ohmed out per spec; you can actually do this from the top with the ovens off.

With the power on and the broiler or oven being tested also turned on at the control board, I got 240VAC accross the control relays for both the bad broiler and bad oven which of course if the difference in L1 and L2 and I assume this is because the relays are failed open. In contrast, the good broiler and oven both showed no voltage differential because the relays were closed and the elements generating heat.

Do you concur that I need to purchase both boards? Is this a rare event after only 10 years?

regards and thanks in advance for the response.


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