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dgray7114 09-11-2012 12:21 PM

Self cleaning - door locks and unlocks
When I try to start the self-cleaning of my Whirlpool oven, the door lock and about one second later unlocks. The Door light on the digital display blinks, which I assume means that it doesn't sense that the door is closed. There are no error codes displayed.
There is a plunger switch in the upper right corner of the door frame that shuts off the oven light. Is this also the same switch that senses the door is closed (2 element switch ?)?
Some brief research shows that this model uses a solenoid to lock the door. The solenoid activates and the lock latch slides over to the right, but just doesn't stay there. When this first started happening, it would latch and unlatch several time.
I am perfectly comfortable using a Multimeter, opening it up and taking measurements, but want to get some ideas before starting to poke around.

Gene 09-11-2012 06:26 PM

Pull the range out of the wall to access the solenoid assembly and check the switch on it.

The model number you posted does not come up. Verify and repost it.


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