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Gator81 09-09-2012 06:53 AM

Is my oven dead?
This last week we we using our double oven when all of a sudden the upper oven went into self-clean mode by itself. When I noticed this, I hit the off button and the cleaning mode turned off and said it was cooling. After about thirty minutes with burning food inside, I noticed the top burner was still glowing and it seemed as if the oven was still extremely hot. I decided to turn off the circuit breaker and left it off for about ten minutes. After I turned the circuit breaker back on, the oven display is now completely blank and won't respond to any inputs. Also, the door is still locked from the self clean mode.

Is my oven dead? Is it even worth fixing and if so, how much would it possibly be? Is there anyway to unlock the upper oven door to get the burnt food out? And finally, is there anyway to just use the bottom oven?

To all those responding, thank you for your help!

Gator81 09-10-2012 01:40 PM

I haven't received a response, but from looking at other posts I have the bottom oven and display up and working. For the display to work, I had to replace the control panel thermal fuse. The upper oven lights up and you can program to preheat it, but it will not get warm. I believe the Upper Oven shutdown fuse needs to be replaced, but that requires pulling out the oven.

Hopefully this might help someone else that may have the same problem that stumbles across this post.

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