GE XL44 gas oven not achieving set temperature


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Dear Forum, I have the GE XL44 JGB920SEC4SS natural gas oven. The oven does not achieve the set temperature in

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Old 06-20-2012, 04:57 PM
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Default GE XL44 gas oven not achieving set temperature
Model Number: JGB920SEC4SS   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Dear Forum,
I have the GE XL44 JGB920SEC4SS natural gas oven. The oven does not achieve the set temperature in the BAKE mode. The oven's igniter clearly glows, and the main oven burner lights briefly, but the flame flickers after about 10 seconds, as though the oven were cycling the gas value on and off. The broiler's burner works normally, as do the stove burners, so the problem is not likely a gas supply issue.
I recently (about 4 months ago) replaced a failing oven temperature sensor. The oven has worked well since then.
The "TruTemp" (that is, the temperature the oven measures, as displayed on the control panel) shows that the oven temperature gets to about 120 deg. F., but no higher. It feels like this is an accurate reflection of the actual oven temperature. Therefore, the temperature sensor seems to be working.
Could this be an igniter problem, despite the fact that it continues to glow, or should I be looking for some other issue?
Thanks for your advice.
Best Regards,

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Default Solution to XL44 oven not heating

In the spirit of occasionally doing something right, it occurred to me that the broiler's igniter was interchangeable with the oven's igniter. After replacing the oven's igniter with the (much less used) broiler's igniter, the oven worked perfectly. Even though the oven's igniter APPEARED to be in adequate condition, I can only assume that, upon heating, the resistance measured in it is out of spec, thus causing the oven to shut off the gas flow.
If you choose to try this at home, be aware that the modular connector for the oven's igniter was, in my oven, below the lower heat shield. It took a little fancy finger work to pull the connector past the heat shield (through the hole for the gas burner), but it was not too difficult. More challenging was finding a way not to allow the oven side of the modular connector to fall back through the hole while replacing the igniter. If you drop the modular connector back below the heat shield, I suspect you'll have to remove a lot more sheet metal to find it again. This is a serious pain (prior experience), so be sure to hold the connector or tie a string to it or something.

Part for repair:
Item Number: AP2020569
Manufacturer's Number: WB13K21
Made by GE

Read more: GE WB13K21 Range Oven Igniter, AP2020569 | AppliancePartsPros.com
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Best Regards,
PS: The price for the igniter on this Web site is very reasonable and their support is great, so consider patronizing them. I'm ordering one now so my broiler will again work.
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