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jayjohn 06-20-2012 09:16 AM

FC error code on Jenn Air range
My electric range started displaying an error coce a few months back after running the oven through a cleaning cycle. Unfortunately I don't recall what that code was now, but after the oven cooled down some, the alarm and code went away and all functioned normally (until last weekend). We were cooking something at 400 degrees and upon turning the oven off, it started displaying the F1 code and beeping. I cut the power and turned it back on only to receive the same result. I let the oven sit overnight and tried it again to no avail, same error code and beeping. I found on this website that the F1 code indicated a failed ERC board (after running through the F1 test). I ordered and replaced the ERC board. Upon applying power, I'm now receiving and FC code. I've tried cleaning the contacts of the ribbon cable with a pencil eraser but that didn't help. I also see that I need to check the J2 cable for continuity (haven't done this yet as I'm not sure where the other end is). Suggestions, opinions, ?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jay.

Gene 06-20-2012 04:45 PM

Hi Jay,

How old is it? What is the serial number of the range?


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