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Ray Waldorf 03-31-2012 01:51 PM

Jenn Air Wall Oven fAULT CODE F4, need help to test harness connections
The unit is a Jenn-Air double wall unit W-276. A microwave is the upper -unit and the Oven is the lower unit. The Oven is the unit I'm having trouble with at this time. Orginally the Fault Code displayed was F0. I called in and a technician recommended that I replace the timer/electronics Part AP4283394. When I replaced this part it cleared the FO code, but then a F4 code was displayed in about 30 seconds. A technician told me that the F4 code is related to a bad sensor or a bad display relay control board (which is the first part I replaced above - timer/electronics. The technician told me that sensor should have 1080 ohms of resistance, it actually had 1800 ohms -- so I replaced it with a new part, and the new part also reads 1800 ohms and the F4 code still comes on within 30 seconds. I've cleaned to ribbon cable connection with a pencil eraser as well.

The next step is to check the sensor harness and harness connection between the sensor and the oven control. I visible inspected the cables (in good condition that I can see) and I made sure all connections were tight. Can someone tell me which wires specifically I should test, and from where-to-where? Do I need to pull the oven unit out or are all connections, cables accessible in the space above the oven unit?

Is there somethis else I should check or test?

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