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Our GE Range model JBP24BOB1WH quit working Thursday. I had turned the oven on to preheat to 450 degrees, it

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Question GE Range - oven, burners not working but has power
Model Number: JBP 24BOB 1WH   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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Our GE Range model JBP24BOB1WH quit working Thursday. I had turned the oven on to preheat to 450 degrees, it was working then.

I heard a sizzle sound coming from the vancinity of the oven, like the sound made when opening a new bottle of soda. I opened the oven door, looked inside, and saw nothing so I shut the door and turned away. It was still working then.

I turned back to put our dinner in the oven and saw the digital display was black, like our breaker tripped. The oven indicator light was also off and the oven was no longer working.

I turned on a burner to see what would happen - the surface indicator light came on and the clock came on (it was flashing). The display will light if any one or more burners are turned on. Leaving a burner on, I turned the oven knob and the oven indicator light came on. I could hear the thermostat click on and off. But none of the burners nor the top or bottom element in the oven will heat.

My husband, who has a degree in industrial electrical wiring, said it seems it has lost a leg of the 220 circuit; i.e. it's only getting 110v instead of 220v. (not that I know what I'm talking about)

What could be wrong with our range? Even today the display will light if a burner is turned on so it's getting some power.

We appreciate any and all help with our problem and thank you in advance for your assistance!

Update 3/2/2012: We purchased a multitester to find out where the power failure is within the range. When the range was pulled out from the wall, the clock came on (flashing). Hubby turned on a burner, it began to heat. Plug and cord appeared to be ok and tested out ok. Pushed it back to the wall and it quit working again, same as before. Pulled it out a second time; hubby found a dead mouse in the terminal block (where the cord connects to the range). He thinks it may have shorted something within the cord. New cord purchased today. Will update after it's installed.

Update 3/4/2012: Hubby put the new cord on yesterday morning. Apparently the cord was the problem. Everything is working the way it should, problem solved.

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Default Same Problem

I set the oven to pre-heat for the kids pizza rools. About a minute in to the pre-heat, I heard a small pop (like the soda you described). I noted all the lights were out on the display and the oven slowly shut down/cooled. I appreciate your post as I had no idea what to think. I will be leaving a note for my fiance advising of what you found. Yikes
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