Kenmore range - only half of double element works


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Hi, on our Kenmore electric range model 79094333700, only half of one of the double elements works. The inner ring

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Default Kenmore range - only half of double element works
Model Number: 79094333700   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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Hi, on our Kenmore electric range model 79094333700, only half of one of the double elements works. The inner ring does not work, only the outer ring works. Is the element bad? Or could there be some other problem causing this? Thanks.


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Replaced the element using these instructions below (that I found elsewhere on this site) - pretty easy - problem solved:

Overall this is a very simple task and any handyman can pull this off. Don't need much.. Screwdriver.. needle nose pliers and a stick.

Simply open the oven door and remove the two screws holding the stove top down. Once removed the whole thing will simply lift up its on a hinge.

Then you need a 4-5 foot stick of some kind to use to hold it up. I just shoved a stick down the front next to the oven insulation and rested the stovetop on that. Worked just fine as a third hand. You could have someone hold it up but that will get old fast.

After that there is simply a bracket with 2 screws holding the pairs of elements in place. Simply unscrew the two screws and now you are looking at 2 of the elements. Make a note of what wires go to what. (digital camera for the win) and unplug the wires.

After that the element was mounted to the bracket with these annoying tabs with barbs on them. So I had to use some pliers to squeeze the barb down while pulling up on it to get them to come out of the slit. Repeated for the other prong of the element.

Once that was out I flipped over the old and new element and swapped the mounting brackets to the new element. Then pushed the new element back onto the mounting bracket through the two slits. Then plugged up all my wires and put my two screws back in place and closed my lid and bolted down.
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Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your diagnosis and repair with us. Your post was very illuminating and instructive and it will help other people with similar problems.

Thanks again and good luck with your range.

Appliance Repair Expert in Orange County, California.

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