removing venturi on Thermador prg304us stove


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tried to post an earlier related problem, but it disappeared into the bit bucket I think. I have a Thermador

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Old 12-05-2011, 02:20 AM
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Default removing venturi on Thermador prg304us stove
Model Number: prg304us   Brand: Thermador   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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tried to post an earlier related problem, but it disappeared into the bit bucket I think.

I have a Thermador prg304us stove that has a leaking gas connection to the gas regulator - Item 14 in the following diagram:
Burner box replacement parts for THERMADOR PRG304US | AppliancePartsPros.com

I need to get direct access to put new sealant on the threads and to do that the two gas venturi's on the left side of the stove need to come out so the drip pan can come out and give access to the regulator. THey are very tight and I havent been able to loosen them.
Does anyone have suggestions or the actual disassembly instructions for this model? The venturi is threaded into a mounting plate and the tip of the venturi appears to have a slip fit with the orifice assembly... that may be sticking also.

any help is appreciated.

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I hope Gene or one of the other experienced Thermador folks can comment on this:
To remove the left drip pan to get access to the simmer control and gas regulator...
I think I can disconnect the gas tubes from the orifice holder and then maneuver the rectangular mounting plate out of the stove while attached to the drip pan. THe mounting plate ( a piece of sheet metal) is anchored in the front and back of the stove with several tabs. The front metal 'wall' of the stove can be leveraged back if you remove the two bolts that hold it firmly in place (on the left hand side). Then, even though the gas line is still bolted to the metal 'wall', you can pry the wall back from the orifice mounting plate so the tabs pull out of the hole... at least I think I can do that. Once one end of the mounting plate is free of the holes, the plate will lift out, venturi's, drip pan, and all. Then it should be easier to separate the venturi's from the orifice holder ( mine look to be corroded) because you can get at the junction directly.
REassembly should be easy and include some antisieze compound between the venturi and orifice holder.
The question for Gene and others is will the venturi just pull out of the orifice holder?...ie. is it a slip fit between them? If so, with proper lubrication , one should be able to pull the drip pan up directly in the future without having to include removing the orifice mounting plate.
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Old 12-05-2011, 02:13 PM
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well, I worked all night and that gave some good results. I found that the gas regulator valve was leaking and was able to get to it by removing the orifice holder (sheet metal) with the burner still attached. I can provide more detail on that, but it followed the procedure above.
Now I still have to get the venturi separated from the orifice holder... going to try a 20 mm socket (possibly with impact gun) while keeping the orifice holder from turning. The ignitor wires are still attached to the assembly, but it is otherwise quite accessible for working on. I may have to loosen the brass nut on the top of the orifice holder; heat may need to be applied too.
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It is a good idea to use a 20 mm (25/32") socket first. Be careful not to break the gas tubes connected to the jet (orifice) holder.

If it would not work then the only solution is to cut off the venturi.

You can find more information in one of our previous threads: Thermador XLO issue

Appliance Repair Expert in Orange County, California.

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