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docsgramps 03-28-2009 11:55 AM

Oven controls won't work
I replaced the oven ignitor on my range recently. I tested it and it worked fine. I put all the pieces back together and apparently one of the insulators on one of the wires came loose and the wire touched a metal part of the oven. My wife touched the control panel to start the oven and the thing "popped" and went out. The plug ground pin was black. The outlet that it was plugged into was still operational and the oven light and the electric warmer for the warmer drawer is still working, but the control panel is not lit and no electronic controls are working. There is a little blue box on the back that has two wires (white and red) going in and four white wires coming out. It is an Eaton electric control box that says 120v-50/60 Hz 10mA printed on it. Could this thing be the culprit since the stuff directly wired to the power still works?

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