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NaturalMomma 07-19-2011 04:16 PM

Need new door seal--part discontinued
Manufacturing # for oven door seal:

Tappan oven made by Frigidaire

The rubber seal between the oven and the door has dissintegrated, We have one of the 3 lengths intact, but beginning to crack. The replacement part has been discontinued and no dimensions are offered for a common part. I am hoping you can inform us of how we can repair this and answer some safety concerns.

When I reported this to my land lord, he wanted to glue the rubber pieces back in. First of all, they are cracked and crumbled and no longer functional. Second of all, isn't glue flammable and wouldn't this risk a fire? On looking at the oven there are actually slots for these rubber strips to attach into. If only we can find a comparable part? Do you have any suggestions? I assume I would need to measure the spaces between the attachment slots. Would it be safe to use another part with a similar length, width and thickness? Are there any concerns about the material being different and not designed for that specific oven?

Also, I have used the oven twice now without this seal. Much heat escapes. The door itself and the knobs for the range control get very hot and I need to be careful not to touch them while the oven is on. I'm afraid we might be using a significant amount more of gas for the oven and then the kitchen gets so hot we need more cooling. I've experienced these concerns firsthand. Are there any additional concerns of using the oven without the door seal? Is it a fire hazard? Should I not be using it at all until it is repaired? Or is it safe with some precautions taken like being aware of the heat of the door?

Please tell me your recommendations. Wanting to be able to cook safely.

Much appreciation,

NaturalMomma 08-09-2011 11:58 AM

Thank you so much!!
Dear Joe,

Thank you for coming through so fast! Somehow my original message was ignored and then the customer service rep, yesterday, put me through a repeat circle of one of the many hours of research I had previously done and did not even address why my original post got overlooked. Made me never want to use this site again. It was my idea to repost my question and I am glad that I did. You came through! And also redeemed this site. :)

[Perhaps the rep did bring it to your attention, and if he did I thank him. I do wish he had listened better to me, though. :(]

It is so refreshing to get the answer I need. I appreciate you understanding the problem, recognizing the work I had already done, and finding a solution. Yay, Joe!! I'm going to order the parts now!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :):):)

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