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dliedeker 07-18-2011 08:43 AM

Toggle Switch AP2024601 Replacement
Hi, I found part # AP2024601
which my client says we shorted out with water. It is the oven light toggle switch on the control panel.

I have asked him to ensure the bulb is not burned out by opening the oven and ensuring the light comes on. I presume that (since there is a door toggle switch) the light will still come on if indeed the control panel toggle switch is shorted out. Am I correct?

If it turns out the bulb works, I plan to order part #AP2024601 - the toggle switch. It appears I can just use a flathead to "pop off" the old one without opening up the control panel. Is it this easy? Or do I need to take anything apart? Hoping to complete this (simple?) repair without damaging my client's stove further. Thanks in advance for your help.


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