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Hunter6 05-28-2011 03:02 PM

GE Profile Gas Oven with NEW igniters not baking
Our GE Profile oven has once again burnt out both igniters (in 5 years:mad:). We have spent $150-200 purchasing new igniters over the 5 years of this oven's life, and now even new ones won't work for the lower baking igniter and we have determined that it is not getting any electrical power. (Broiler works husband's arm is tingling as proof that it's alive! HA!:D) We pulled the oven away from the wall, tested the voltage on the valve control box and found that we have 120vac for the broiler, but nothing for the oven igniter. We tested from the box and we tested the wire coming from the control panel...nothing. The Control panel seems to be working fine, the range and broiler are fine. Heck, even the oven light is bright!:cool:

QUESTION: How do you test the wiring system to find a short? And has anyone else experienced this?

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