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diyfamily 01-18-2009 09:24 PM

GE Profie Artica Side by Side Freezer warm, fridge fine
We have had our counter depth side by side GE Profile Artica Refrigderator going 3+ years without any problems. Last month our freezer got warm and thaw all the food ice when the freezer setting was set to 5 (0-9, 9 coldest). :mad: We cleaned out he freezer and adjust the freezer settings from 5 to 7, which cause the freezer to work again. Today, Freezer was warm again and melt the ice causing icles in the freezer. Checked to see if the fan was running for the freezer, but no fan movement. Frigde side was working fine with fan and cold air movement. Adjusted the freezer settings from 7 down to 0 and then to 8, waited for 10 minutes and the freezer fan kick ON and blast of cold air is working again.

What should I do to check and/or what's broken on this applicance?


denman 01-19-2009 05:24 AM

Could not find any info on the listed Model Number.
Here is a breakdown for PSI23SGNAFBS, yours should be close.

Sounds like it may be a defrost problem.
When you started it up and the evaporator fan was not working, it could be that the unit was in a defrost cycle.

When it happens again remove the covers from the evaporator and check the coils. If they are heavily iced up it is a defrost problem (No Defrost).
Causes could be control board, defrost thermostat (Open) or the defrost heater (Open - it is a glass type they go fairly often)

My guess from your description is the the defrost thermostat is not opening (intermittent). During defrost the thermostat shuts off the heater when the ice is melted off the coils. The machine is still in defrost mode but the heater is off. If the thermostat does not open, too much heat is generated and will melt food.

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