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BenN 03-22-2011 12:15 PM

Simmer Select Switch
Hi guys.
Two of the electronic pieces on the back of my range touched each-other ( I'm talking about electronic pieces on the simmer select board). When I pushed the simmer button for the first time, I heard a pop, then the simmer and the front left burner didn't work anymore. Even though I separated the two electronic pieces apart, when I push the simmer button and turn on the burner, I could still hear a relay from the simmer board clicking, but the burner itself is not working.
The burner is got two coils: a small one inside and a big one outside of the small one.

The indicator light of the simmer is still working when I depress the simmer button (that tells me that the simmer button is still good) ( I might be wrong though...)
I haven't check the burner yet, but I assumed that if one is not working, the other one should work, but since both of them are not working I assumed the problem is somewhere else - like the board itself.

My reasoning and assumptions might be totally wrong, that is why I would need your opinion/ expertise, or input on this.

Thank you.

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