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Electric Range doesn't turn on - short?
I have an smooth top electric range from Fridgedaire that is not turning on - intermittently. On Saturday we went to turn on the stove top and it made a zitt (sparking/arching) sound. Then where the clock is it started flashing (if there was an error code we don't have it anymore). The stove top would not turn on. The oven would work. We unplugged and plugged again and it started working again for a couple of days. Today the clock was off and oven light would not turn on. We pulled out from the wall to unplug and it started working again - even without unplugging. Now it is intermittent. We had the oven working, turned the stove top on - it worked for a couple of minutes - than did not. The element light is still on but the element light would not get hot or turn red. 10 minutes later (we still had the knob turned on) it started heating the water again. Any suggestions?

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