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jamesce 11-02-2010 07:59 PM

Thermador simmer burners
My simmer burners quit. I need a news Tytronics controller. Along the way, I learned some things to share with everyone:
1) Thermador is NOT customer friendly. They refused to give advice on how to disassemble the seized venturi nuts and consequently I caused avoidable damage (cut the darn things, they break at less than 100 ft-lb). They will not send me wiring or schematic diagrams.
2) Thermador won't tell you, but the design life of the simmer controller is 10 years. Less if it gets hot (ie using the small oven.) My simmer controller made in 1998 is at end of life! I'm an engineer who has designed similar "embedded controllers" and I tried to repair the controller. The problem is that the tiny computer in it has lost its memory. I looked up the specs on the microcomputer (ST62T family) and found that the memory life is only 10 years!
3) If BOTH simmer burners have failed at once, suspect the controller. A really easy test for this thing is to measure the DC voltage between POT1 (or POT2) and LINE 120. As you rotate the knob thru the simmer range the voltage will vary between about 0 and 5 VDC. Careful - this is a hot 120v circuit - slip and YOU can be damaged. If you see this variance, the controller power supply is working; if it is not cycling the solenoids, the controller is dead.

CharlieNH 11-24-2010 09:58 AM

Simmer controller problem
A thermador repairman came and said we needed the simmer control module. (Didn't check any voltages or anything, but called up a tech support person while here. Can't find our range model number on any site. It's DP364GECS/02. But the previous post menioned a Tytronics unit. Ours is SQ005. Where do you find these things?
The thermador guy gave me an updated parts number, as his warehouse has it on back order. Gave me 610016. An appliance parts supplier crossed that to 605350. That has no plastic box around it, unlike the original. No way to mount it unless I rig something up. If I knew that this would definitely work with my stove, I would do that, but Id rather get the right part. Mice get in (it's an old house) from time to time and I'd like to have the electronics covered.
Any advice would be most welcome! 30 people coming to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow too.:mad:

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