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paul_8788 10-22-2010 12:45 PM

Replacing Kitchen Aid Control Board

Our oven started having issues where the panel would intermittenly beep, thinking the temperature probe was plugged in, then not. I disconnected the probe completely and the problem still occurred. We called in a technician who did did a few tests and concluded it was the control board.

The repair company wanted to charge a huge markup on the part, so I went and got the new control board myself and am ready to install.

Things look pretty straightforward, except that included with the new control board was an instruction sheet and kit for adding an in-line fuse.

The instructions are somewhat vague as to where to add it, it says to:
"Remove the red wire on the L2 side of the terminal". I am assuming it is talking about the power terminal at the bottom right of the stove. Unfortunately there are two red wires (one coming from the cord, one going out) and one red/pinkish wire all coming off the right most side of the terminal.

So, do I need to install this in-line fuse kit or is it optional? Which wire is it that I am supposed to be adding the in-line fuse kit to? Any other "gotchas" or things I should be aware of when swapping out control panels on a KitchenAid?

Thanks in advance for assistance.

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