Why don't you ever give instructions for cracked cooktop replacement


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. "

I have asked before and never got an answer ! I have looked through hundreds of post in here and

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Old 09-03-2010, 07:22 PM
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Angry Why don't you ever give instructions for cracked cooktop replacement
Model Number: ZGU36ksk2ss   Brand: GE   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have asked before and never got an answer !
I have looked through hundreds of post in here and a lot of others have asked and not gotten an answer !
Why cant you guys answer this ???
Mine is the GE Monogram gas on glass cooktop and the instructions are probably the same for GE profile and a lot of others !
How do we remove the cracked glass and install the new glass ??????
Does it all come off from the top or do I have to turn it over and undo something ?
Will I need any other parts such as gaskets or goop ???
I did manage to remove my stainless trim by sliding a razor knife under it !
this took me about 45 minutes per trim piece and they came off undamaged !
I wonder where I can get that gooey stuff to attach the trim to the new top ? Do you sell it ? It appears to be a double sided tape !
O By the way the glass top that comes without stainless trim is identical to my old top that had stainless trim in fact it even says Monogram underneath where the trim was !!!

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Old 09-04-2010, 09:17 PM
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John l smith is on a distinguished road
Smile Here is my instructions !

I don't no why its so hard to find instructions for this !
Now that I have done this I will give instructions to help others !
This is actually pretty easy and only takes a few tools .
Feel free to use my instructions but do so at your own risk !
Start by unplugging the power cord and turning off the gas.
I unhooked the gas line and took out the whole unit but this is not necessary.
Remove all grates and loose burner parts.
control knobs are removed by pulling them up.
there will be a rubber grommet in the glass under each control nob that can probably be reused I did.
If you have the stainless trim and want to reuse I would remove it now while the glass is solidly mounted to the unit.
I did this with the snap blade type razor knife this will take some time.
using a #15 torx screw driver remove 2 screws from each burner .
pull each burner up until you have some wire.
pull the wire from the igniter and set the burner and igniter Assembly aside .
One of my wires was baked to the igniter and the connector on the wire broke off.
I used a precision screwdriver inside the igniter to pry open the broken wire connector then pulled it out with needle nose pliers.
I then broke off a piece of the porcelain igniter wen digging out the baked on wire insulation ( they brake easy be careful )
I had no luck finding a new wire connector so I reattached the broken wire connector .
there will be a gasket under each igniter I reused mine but would have replaced them if I could have gotten them on the same day .( I live in Portland Or and nobody stocks anything ! )
The glass is now ready to come off.
There is a insulator type gasket under the glass,I reused this too but would have replaced it if I could have gotten this on the same day.
There is an O ring inside each burner hole in the glass again I reused.
Reassemble in reverse order.
After i was done everything works OK even with the broken igniter and wire connector.
I haven't reattached my stainless strips yet but will do wen i figure out what double sided tape or adhesive to use use.
I have the GE monogram gas on glass cooktop but these instructions probably will work for other GE gas on glass cooktops.
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