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lancecowell 07-19-2010 06:15 PM

Viking spark module - which part ?
I have a 6 burner Viking cooktop VGSU161. The problem I have is that the igniters for the 4 four burners (3 front, 1 left back) fire continuously even with no burners on. I have determined that it is the spark module by swapping the bad module with the other two igniter module also in the cooktop. Works perfectly on the 4 burners (two at a time !). The problem is what part to replace my spark module with. Viking dealer says use PA020047 - a 4 spark module that looks the same as the module PA020020 I have now. However, it appears to be a bit larger, and the dealer says you then can't install the metal cover overe it, and the mounting screws will be in different positions. Is it O.K. to leave the metal cover off - the dealer says so. Alternatively, Gene has previously pointed to a whirlpool part that appears identical to the one I am taking out - just not sure. The whirlpool part number is 4454392.

Which part should I use ? I am tempted to use what the Viking dealer recommends, but I would prefer to be able to install one of the exact same size so that I can install the metal guard. Does it matter if this is left off?

Alternatively could I/Should I switch to a six igniter module - PA020048 ? and get rid of the second igniter ?

Many thanks

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