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Getting an F2 code, meaning "oven over temp". Occurs when setting oven for a temperature (e.g. 375) and setting the

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Old 07-23-2008, 02:53 PM
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Default F2 Error code on Frigidaire Electric Oven
Model Number: RE36BNL2   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: More than 10 years   

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Getting an F2 code, meaning "oven over temp". Occurs when setting oven for a temperature (e.g. 375) and setting the timer for a specifed period (e.g. 20 minutes). At end of 20 minutes, timer alarm goes off and can be silenced in the normal fashion, only to start chiming again and again after being silenced. Only way to stop the cycle is to flip the breaker to off and this resets the oven. Question: Is the problem a bad oven temperature probe (part #AP3363354, only $24.92) or a bad timer (part # AP2140810, $209.36...might as well buy a new oven if it is the timer as oven is 18 years old)? I will try to eliminate the timer by setting the oven to 375 and NOT setting the timer to see if the F2 code appears along with the "alarm tone" (which I assume sounds like the "timer alarm tone").

Whichever part needs to be replaced, please describe the "remove and replace" process.



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My dad just went through the same problem with ours. Although we were getting the F2/F3 error code. What you need to do is use an OHM meter and test the probe on the back of the oven. If the readings are correct (which ours was) then you probably need a new control board/timer. That's what my dad just bought and he hooked it up and bingo it works! Good luck!
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