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retiredjay 01-09-2010 01:58 PM

LG Magnetron
MWave occasionally made a heck of a "arcing" sound when heating and you could see arcing behind a panel which covers end of magnetron. It got worse so I took it apart. There is a 1/2" or so diam. cooper cap that is over the end of a swaged copper deal (again I think the business end of the magnetron). The cap has a bb size hole in the center BUT there is also a significant hole which has been burned or arced out.
Anyway, do I need a new cap (it MAY have been attached in some fashion,welded? or a new magnetron unit or could it be the transfromer? (I did some review of other posts here). BTW, great forum site! Thanks!

retiredjay 01-10-2010 05:30 AM

Addl. Info:
BTW - I forgot to mention that there is also a blackened / charred area on the inside of the MWave which I am sure what the tip was arcing to. This cannot be repaired or replaced as is just part of the wall itself. I worry that a new tip or magentron unit will just also arc to this damaged area. I wonder if initial cause was someone nuking something with metal in it and wandered off. House was a foreclosure...............

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