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frankf72malibu 08-15-2017 05:29 PM

Kenmore microwave odd PM clock display
New guy here. We have an older Kenmore microwave that is showing a hand/dial/arrow on the display when the clock is set to PM. Hopefully the picture link below shows up correctly. This just started showing up in the last 2 days. The microwave works great, heats great, turntable works great so no issues there. This only shows when the clock is set to PM. Unplug and reset does not make it go away. Hand/dial/arrow does not show when set to AM or when cooking, etc. Just a display going out or some accidental setting the kids did by hitting a couple buttons at the same time? I went through the owners and field manuals and can find no reference to this.... Any help or direction you can give is greatly appreciated.

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