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plumbernotappliancetech 09-13-2015 10:37 AM

Turntable help PLEASE
Howdy folks -

Please help if you can; the missus' is losing whatever faith she has in my repair/troubleshooting abilities. I do service and repair plumbing all day, so I have a few skills. What I don't have is a working turntable in my GE micro.

Turntable quits 3-4 months back. Aha! easy fix, new motor, works for 3-4 months, quits. Buy another new motor, works for a few days, quits. Plumber finds reference on web for flat rollers on guide roller. Aha! mine have 2 bad flats on each roller. Order new guide roller, doesn't work, figure I must have striped the gears out in the new motor. Order another new motor. With no weight on the glass plate, it turns fine. With a cup of coffee, it just jerks a little with no rotation. I took the guide roller out, in hopes of not killing this motor, until I can a clue as to what the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on. Any clues out there?

Btw, when I say these motors quit, they either jerk a little or run with no movement. I dissected one - it's full of nylon gears with itty bitty teeth. One ring of teeth was stripped. The three motors I have bought are correct for the unit - I checked a couple of different references.

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