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rlarson 04-16-2013 07:15 PM

GE Left under light is not working
Hello all. I noticed that my light was out on my left side that shines on the range. when i went to go unscrew it i didn't notice that ge put a small amout of adhesive to the socket and lamp. so when i untwist it i had essentially broke the glass w/o knowing. so then i tried to rescrew it back in cause i had thought that might make the light work and hit the surface light button and POP. glass everywhere. so i ordered a new socket and 2 lamps. just installed them today and the right side is working great very bright. but left side was dim. and now that brand new bulb just burned out after like 20 minutes of it being on. so i know its not a bulb or socket issue. is the next thing the cable that i should investigate.

Simon / APP Team 04-17-2013 11:48 AM


You should check the wiring to the socket and if you have a multimeter compare the voltage to both sockets.
It should be the same.Also you may switch around the wires to the sockets and see if that makes any difference.

Post the results.


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