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I have a 2 1/2 year old Frigidaire Profressional series microwave that has failed. It is not heating food and

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Default Frigidarie FPBM189KFB Magnetron Cover
Model Number: FPBM189KFB   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have a 2 1/2 year old Frigidaire Profressional series microwave that has failed. It is not heating food and making a loud vibrating noise. Looking inside the unit, I found the a hole burn throught the cover of the magnetron housing. Looks like RF leaking out inside of the micro unit. It seems that this cover is riveted to the back bone of the structure. I tried to find a replacement part/housing cover, but cannot seemd to locate it through the parts directory. Can this cover be replaced or would my unit be considered obsolete?

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Frigidaire FPCE22VWFW2 Frg(v1) / Side By Side Refrigerator
Frigidaire FPCE22VWFW3 Frg(v1) / Side By Side Refrigerator
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