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snoopy1948 12-08-2012 03:13 PM

Remove back door cover GE Spacesaver
I bought from Appliance Parts Pros
AP2021148 (WB15X335) Microwave door handle
For GE JVM1340WW002
It is an exact duplicate. So far so good
The videos and text on other fourms indicate it is no problem to pop off the back cover of the door to install the new handle.
A search of the Appliance Parts Pros forum reveals nothing related to 1340 handle replacement

After a lot of messing around I located the catches holding the metal outer cover.
BUT the corner behind the hidden screw is still captive.
I removed the door so as to get the cover entirely free (except for the one corner).
I canít find anything else to take apart. It appears the cover is held captive by the lower handle screw. I can look inside and see the captive corner and what appears to be the attach receptacle for the lower screw but nothing that seems detachable. Inner and outer surfaces seem to be glassódonít want to pry there!!

What am I missing??

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