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stevenhealey 11-19-2012 09:45 AM

No power to microwave
My GE microwave stopped working a few days ago and has absolutely no power entering the unit. I have checked the outlet and the circuit breaker....both are working properly. I looked at the schematic that was provided with the unit and my first step was to check the continuity of the main fuse. It checked out fine. My next step was to check the flame sensor on top of the unit and the heat sensor on the magnetron. To check this I plugged in the microwave and checked the voltage while grounding to the chassis on both sides. The sensor on the magnetron showed 120V on each side and the flame sensor on top of the unit only registered 120V on one side. Am I correct in identifying this as the source of the no power problem?? Am I checking the sensor correctly?? Can the sensor be reset or does it need to be replaced??

Simon / APP Team 11-19-2012 10:54 AM


Sounds like you found the guilty party. Best if you check thermostats or fuses for continuity with power off and one wire removed. Next thing you can do is to install temporary jumper and fire up the appliance to check if that is the only problem. This is non resettable thermostat, replace it.
The flame sensor Part number: WB27X10461

Part number: WB27X10461

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Interior parts for GE JES1651SJ02 -

Post the results.


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