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LesRepair 10-04-2012 09:58 AM

Magnatron question
All parts of micro still function correctly, but does not heat. Noticed sparks coming from vented opening in top of oven when it quit heating. Does not spark any longer, just not heating.
The magnatron has a copper domed shaped short tube coming out at top. It is discolored and looks burned. The opening on top looks burned and opening is now oval shaped off to one side.
Question: Is this normal condition for that part of a 5 yr. old Magnatron? Is this an indication that the magnatron is done for? Or just normal wear and my problem is elseware?

Simon / APP Team 10-04-2012 01:19 PM


The magnetron is most likely gone. Before replacing it make sure that the wave guide (place where the magnetron antenna goes in) is not damaged.

The magnetron Part number: W10126786

Part number: W10126786

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Replacement parts for Maytag MMV4205BAW MWAVE- MOUNTED OVER RANGE/WO |

Best if you can post the picture of the oval opening.


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