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Sirmonki 10-05-2011 09:00 AM

Grinding/humming/buzzing noise from Microwave
I researched quite a bit before I posting this. A few months ago my GE Spacemaker JCM1650 started making a pretty loud grinding/humming/buzzing sound from the top right of the oven. It heats just fine. At first I thought maybe it was the Magnetron, due to some posts I found. Upon further review, I think it might be the "stirrer" motor. It is not the vent fan, it works 100% fine. I see this part is available to order. Is it fairly simple to replace? Should I take the oven down from the wall to service? Obviously I need to unplug first :)

And is there any sort of residual voltage that I need to bleed out first?

Thanks in advance!

It is not the turntable or any part of that assembly, it works fine on or off
It is NOT the stirrer motor, just took off the cover
The noise comes from the top right assembly where the other motors are contained, and I assume the Magnetron. Again, NOT the turntable or exhaust fan, they work 100% fine

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