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scolafx 11-28-2007 09:40 AM

GE Profile Advantium Oven
Year built - 2004. Recently there has been an odor while microwave is running. Smells like overheated or melting wiring and appears to be from the turntable or bulb covers. Can the bulb covers be removed without damaging them (or me)? Is it safe to remove/replace parts (like the turntable) if needed(once breaker is off and unit removed from wall)? I heard that even unplugged you can get electrocuted. Was told it may be the turntable motor or coupler. Looking for assembly diagram that is somewhere on your site?? Online help was unclear.
Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Would hate to spend $80 to have repair person tell me it is just from a spill in the motor or something else easy.


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