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jimhunter 11-28-2007 09:38 AM

Panasonic starts then stops
When you set the time and press start, it runs for about 5 seconds then turns off. What to start looking for?

Oh, also have just found the fault is intermitent. Sometimes it works ok, then the next attempt it does the quit after 5 seconds deal again.



abhanson 11-28-2007 10:42 AM

Panasonic Genius 1200W Model NNS262WF has similar problem
Panasonic Genius 1200W Model NNS262WF has similar problem.

My microwave will work one time in about 30 minute session. After 30 minutes, some "sensor" must clear up so it works again for one use.

If I try to use it before this "sensor" clears up, the microwave starts and runs for about 3 seconds before shutting errors.

I have called local dealer where I bought this micowave from (3 years old) and he indicated it would be cheaper to buy new microwave.

I am just looking for the part to replace and I will do it myself, but I have not gotten anywhere.

When I called Panasonic, they indicated I need to send it in to authorized dealer which will cost me more to ship and/or travel to this site let alone the cost of getting it fixed. Did I mention this was above the stove unit and I do not know how to un-mount it yet.

Disgusted with Panasonic Service.

jimhunter 11-28-2007 09:22 PM

panasonic starts then stops
Yes, I forgot to say, mine does this "reset" type thing. It will work if you let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Seems like somebody ought to give us an idea of what is wrong.

abhanson 03-30-2008 02:18 PM

'Panasonic starts then stops' - got it fixed
Got it fixed! - Here's the story
- Drove 60 miles one-way to drop off Microwave at the nearest Panasonic Repair place. Explained situation to them. (120 miles round trip - ~$20 in gas)
- Two weeks later, drove back to pick up. Repair place could not find problem? (120 miles round trip - ~$20 in gas + $35 service fee)
- Called up local appliance dealer and pleaded with them to look at this. I delivered to them and they immediately indicated it was the "magnetron", but would look it over for me. Couple days later, I called them and they gave me the web site and part number to order and indicated I should order it. Once I received the $40 part, I took it down to appliance dealer and they installed it for $50.

- Total cost for this repair = 20+20+35+40+50=$165

Rather costly repair, but pleased its working like new.

Lessons learned - REALLY question taking items to Authorized Panasonic Repair place. If the same situation arrives, I will order the part online and install it myself for $40 total cost.

Wes Lites 10-01-2008 05:50 PM

Can you tell me tha part number of the source to get the magnetron.

abhanson 10-13-2008 05:56 PM

Panasonic starts then stops - Part Number
Panasonic 800-833-9626

Model: NN-S262WF
Part: 2M261-M32F

part $44.52
ship ?????
total: $56.14

Sorry for delay - been vacationing/canoeing in the BWCA. I was fortunate to have my picture, submitted by my photographer partner, on the front cover of the fall 2008 issue of the Boundary Waters Journal.

fad60 11-19-2010 04:03 PM

What Was The Web Site You Used To Get The Magnetron 2m261-m32f

servicio.tecnico2200 05-11-2011 07:55 AM

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[FONT='Times New Roman','serif']They delivered in less than 20 minutes, the price was fair, and their service was really good compared to other sites where I have bought manuals in the past. And, they seem to have a huge collection of manuals![/font]
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abhanson 12-20-2011 06:58 AM

Panasonic NN-S262WF Magnatron concerns "again"
I am suspecting my magnatron (PN 2M261-M32) going out again (see posting dated 3/30/2008@3:18PM). The microwave is starting to make a louder humming noise when in use, but does not shutdown during the cooking cycle 'yet'. I am hoping it hangs together thru the holiday season. I am researching what the prices are for the magnatron (from $48 to $75 plus shipping). I see there is a replacement part for this as well (PN 2M261-M32KLP). I am wondering if anyone can point me to a free location or service manual explaining the magnatron replacement procedure. If not, I will do the usual...take apart to see how it manual later, with the usual pre-cautions dealing with high-voltage.

MicrowaveDisplaydotcom 01-01-2012 02:20 PM

Diagnosing Panasonic microwave oven stoppages:

If it stops after 22 seconds, that means the controller has detected a problem, usually a problem with the inverter, controller, magnetron, or a bad connection from one or the other.

If it stops at 16 seconds and is a sensor model, it probably has a defective humidity sensor.

If it stops after 7 seconds, it has a problem with the inverter.

If the digital programmer circuit / controller does not get a feedback signal from the inverter for a period of 3 seconds, the controller will stop the cook cycle.

Or see if this describes what's happening:

Put in time, push start and unit runs for 2 seconds, relay clicks, unit goes off. Cook time on display goes off and clock time comes back. Bad upper interlock switch and charred connector. If so, see:

It may be a loose connection in the wiring between the inverter, magnetron, and/or control board, or maybe one of those components has failed.

Due to the lethal voltages used and produced in inverters, I do not recommend that an inexperienced person work on these.

You can find an authorized Panasonic servicer here.

In Canada, you can find an authorized Panasonic servicer here.

In the US, you can order Panasonic parts and accessories from Encompass here or you can call them toll-free at 866-779-5835.


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